Gordon Ramsay might earn an estimated £24 million a year, be the holder of 12 Michelin stars and have an empire of restaurants, TV franchises and recipe books that spans the globe, but that doesn’t mean he lives in a bubble.

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Honestly, it was like lying under a Range Rover – and yet all I was concerned about was the company, the chefs, the restaurants.

I’ve got 850 staff who need me in order to be kept in a job.’Whether it’s diving with sharks, racing a Ducati Desmosedici round a track at 200mph or trying to match Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso in a Ferrari 458, Ramsay admits he needs ‘that kind of adrenaline kick once or twice a year’.

He concedes that he’s addicted to work, spending the bulk of his time bouncing between his restaurants and TV commitments on both sides of the Atlantic, and being a husband and father to four children.

‘The Twitter haters’, as Ramsay calls them, were up in arms, insinuating he was trying to block a possible British opening of a well-known New York restaurant of the same name, which is part-owned by Mario Batali, an American chef he has crossed swords with in the past.‘This Mario Batali in the States – I’ve never met the guy.

We have a bit of banter, and I think it’s the same in sports.

You know, whether it’s Man City and Man United or whether it’s boxers, you’ve got to keep up that competitive spirit. No – is it hell.’‘Had I been ten years younger, who knows what would have happened.

You stand there and you take a slap in front of your son. Can you imagine the headlines the next day if I’d reacted? ‘David is actually quite a foodie now; he makes the most amazing risotto.

I don’t think the food would go down too well in Glasgow.

The pies are blue at Rangers, you know.’‘We were talking to a consortium about the potential to take them into the Conference and then work our way over the next five or six years into the Championship in England, and from there to the Premier League.

The plan to revitalise a club he’s supported all his life is another example of Ramsay’s drive and ambition, qualities he admits to being drawn to in friends such as Beckham and Simon Cowell (who famously suggested he should have Botox).‘I see what David is doing now. It’s not about the photo shoots; it’s not the cars. It’s the determination, and that’s where we feed off each other, in our respect for that level of quality.‘I like being up against it. Earning 0,000 an hour on American TV hasn’t affected my ambition.

It’s p***** a lot of people off and there are individuals who come out when I do something wrong or say something wrong. You take the rough with the smooth; you become thick-skinned.