wig, and finally, our long, national nightmare is over.

The queen of long, blond wigs has returned to her rightful throne!

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It’s not completely out of the question to assume that Cyrus supplied her own manic-pixie-hippie wardrobe.

And for all we know, that very well could be her old Hannah Montana wig. ) While details about Allen’s first television series are slim, here’s what we know: it will take place in the 1960s (hence Cyrus’s happy hippie wardrobe and long, flowing locks), and as per usual, Allen wrote and will direct the entire six-episode series.

Cyrus will star alongside Allen and Elaine May in the as-yet-untitled series. Last May, he said he “hadn’t had a pleasurable moment” since he undertook the responsibility of writing for television.

Sounds like Woody could use some Hannah Montana motivation right about now.

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Miley Stewart is the 14-year old (as of Season 1) daughter of former country music star Robbie Ray Stewart, and a native of the one-horse town of Crowley Corners, Tennessee.Transplanted with her family to Malibu, she leads the life of a fairly typical upper-middle-class So Cal girl.Unbeknown to all but her inner circle, however, she's also the chart-topping, award-winning, multi-platinum-selling teen pop sensation Hannah Montana.Much of the show's humor and drama revolves around her attempts to keep her lives separate and her identity a secret.Lilly Truscott has been Miley's best friend since the fifth grade.She began the series as a tomboyish skater girl who showed some signs of becoming more traditionally feminine.