And there’s the brass-framed shower, in all its glory. I added natural elements all throughout–wood, rattan, dried grasses, jute..It was the first thing you see when entering the bathroom, which means it was visible from the bedroom. The shelves are very simple–stained 2″ x 6″ lumber, cut to 36″ long and stained, and then glued to ready-made wood brackets (from Home Depot) which were painted green and then stained/glazed for an antiqued look.

updating shower-1updating shower-35updating shower-66

This was still much more cost-effective than purchasing a custom-size shade. I added the tall arrangement to camouflage the difference in the distance between the three mirrors.

Close up of the footed bowl made from lighting parts found at Re Store and a piece of wood found at Jo Ann Fabrics. This single project had the most impact towards updating this room than any other project, in my opinion.

A little glue, a little spray paint, and a bit of jute, and voila! I absolutely love how the bathroom and bedroom flow together–the colors, the style, etc. Now from the bedroom, instead of seeing shiny bright brass, you see oil-rubbed bronze. Well, I think all of the time and effort was well worth it.

Oh my goodness…this was one of those projects that I thought may never end.

There were several really time-consuming projects involved–painting the cabinets, making the framed mirrors, adding accent tiles, and painting the faucets and shower frame.

But there were also lots of trial and error projects that ended up being…well…errors.

Like the torn paper wall treatment that was scrapped, and then the glazed wall treatment that turned out to be too busy.

Then there was the wrestling back and forth with ideas of how to cover the brass shower frame.

And let’s not forget the two days spent cutting little tiny wood pieces that I thought would end up as frames for the mirrors. The cabinets were in good shape, but they were just so plain.