XMB OPERATION MODE: This option only works in REBUG mode and lets you select either the RETAIL or DEBUG XMB.* DEBUG MENU TYPE: Gives you the choice of the CEX QA (retail) or DEX (debug) Debug Settings menu. NANDBIN (239mb or 256mb) Once you have prepared your NOR/NAND dumps place them on a USB device and connect it to dev_usb000.* LV1 PATCHES A collection of LV1 patches that can be used for better compatibility with some PS3 tools. Now that you have your valid dumps named properly and connected to dev_usb000 it is a simple as selecting the option and following the onscreen prompts.

updating games for ps3-15

DEX/CEX * SWAP LV2 KERNEL: Swaps between CEX and DEX LV2 Kernel. * EXPORT FLASH TO FILE: Backup your current NOR/NAND to file on dev_usb000.

This option will only work if your Target ID is set to DEX * REWRITE TARGET ID IN FLASH: This option requires you have a valid NOR/NAND dump named correctly on dev_usb000. Takes about 45secs for NAND UTILITIES * TOGGLE QA: Enable/Disable QA flag.

Use EXPORT FLASH TO FILE function to dump your NOR/NAND to dev_usb000 and then use c2to convert your dump to DEX. Enable for easy downgrade and other extra features on all 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.31 CFW.

Note: The rebug packages are provided as a mirror in case they are unavailable and for historical proposes.

You should support rebug development by visiting Rebug's website and downloading from there:

REBUG Toolbox v. (Unofficial multilingual) includes : - English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian Credits for Unofficial release: French: @Badboy , @Matsumot0 , @Zar and @hideki2009 German: @Mixery Maxe Spanish: @kadorna2 Italian: @thehero_ Russian: @Rabino Vich Indonesia : @APOLLONS Japanese: (coming soon...) Greek: @Ermak86 INSTALL: 1: In the PS3 XMB go to Game menu 2: Select Package Manager 3: Select Install Package Files 4: Select PS3 Hard Disk 5: Install REBUG-TOOLBOX-: Access Rebug Toolbox from XMB IMPORTANT: On 4.78.1 Rebug REX or D-REX: 7: Scroll to 2nd column Selector, and select 3rd option Toggle Cobra Mode 8: Select Enable, and system will reboot with Cobra now enabled on the CFW.SYSTEM * SYSTEM INFORMATION: Displays Firmware version, Toolbox version, IP address, current LV2 Kernel and Target ID type and free HDD space. * RESTART SYSTEM: Perform either a Full or Soft reboot od the PS3 system.Soft (LV2 Reboot Only) Full (On/Off Cycle) Boot Other OS: Boot Other OS with either your currently selected LV1 patches or easily apply ALL LV1 patches and boot.Boot (LV1 Patches: Apply All) Boot (LV1 Patches: Use current) Turn Off System: Shut down your PS3.SELECTOR * SYSTEM MODE: Switches between NORMAL and REBUG mode NORMAL mode which uses the DEBUG XMB is the default mode after installing Rebug.REBUG mode sets the PS3 to the latest available version spoof (updatable in the future) and allows swapping between RETAIL and DEBUG XMB.