We know you’re all patiently waiting for the next PS3 firmware update, v2.40, which includes XMB access in-game and Trophy support.

updating firmware on a v240-62updating firmware on a v240-17updating firmware on a v240-12

At that time we’ll provide even more details on how firmware v2.40 will enhance your PLAYSTATION 3 experience. But can any employee/staff tell me why my PS3 is constantly freezing?

It is brand new, and i am treating it the best i could.

Believe me i am treating it better than my 2 year old daughter.

I haven’t downloaded a single demo, i haven’t used [email protected], i haven’t used the web browser, i haven’t transfered music/videos through a USB/SD card.

All i’m doing with my PS3 since i purchased it are downloading firmwares and gaming. It happens with every game.game freezes, then the PS3 bips 3 times and restarts.

I am worried because my brother’s PS3 died few days ago, and it was due to the freezings. I collect video game consoles; i have over 30 different one.

He was playing FIFA08 when suddenly the sound went off, the game froze, the controller wouldn’t respond so he manually reset the PS3..surprise: XMB screen disappeared. Some like the atari2600 are +20 years old, and they still work as if i just bought them today.

When he ejected the disc, the PS3 couldn’t read any disc anymore. You see, i have been a loyal SONY consumer for over 20 years. +20 years and working perfectly, while my PS3 that isn’t even 6 months old and it’s death countdown has started since i got my first freeze.

I know 2 people that have had the same disc-reading issue. The PS3 has been out for so long now, and you still haven’t fixed it! Sony is part of my life.TV, my walkmans, my MP3s, my dvd players, my video game consoles, my handycams and cameras..everything i have is signed SONY, because it is a company i trusted. But what you’ve done to us with the PS3 is unacceptable. My brother gave up on the PS3 after it broke, and i will do the same when my unit will die too.