Stockings filled with treats for all and perhaps coal for the naughty ones. An evergreen tree covered in fairy lights leaving an iridescent glow in the cozy corner of your humble abode.

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Many people assume Santa Clause only started rocking the red suit after the Coca Cola campaign hired him for advertisement purposes in the 1930s.

Truth be told, Father Christmas was slaying the scarlet game way before the carbonated soft drink took the spotlight.

The colors red and white are said to be the traditional bishop robe hue of Saint Nicholas that dates way back to the fourth century.

This is where the controversy starts to stir up quite the concoction.

The Danes claim he lives in Greenland, on the other hand the Finnish believe he's tucked away in Finland and the UK, U.

S., and Canada are positive that Santa lives happily ever after in the North Pole.

I mean who knew that a fictional residency could cause so much heat? All that really matters is where we live if you catch my drift, right?

Kissing Underneath the Mistletoe: What Even Is This? Mistletoe is traditionally associated with fertility; some people even considered this as some form of an aphrodisiac.

The tradition of kissing, however, dates back to Norse mythology when Baldur (god of truth and light) was killed by an arrow made of mistletoe.

His mother was so heartbroken over this loss that she wet tears of white berries, which brought back Baldur back to life.

The legends goes back to show that she was so euphoric that she blessed the plant and promised a kiss to anyone who passed underneath it. It is widely believed that the Christmas tree was founded during the German Renaissance, however the use of evergreen goodness dates back to Pagan festivals when branches were used as ornate decorations in homes during the winter solstice.