There a a couple of things that every man needs to know, and some things to watch out for, when dating a Ukrainian lady.These days, the term of being polite, has a different meaning in the prominent countries of the West and other arts of the world.

It is quite normal for them that the guy pays for all activities that you do together.

If you invite her downtown in the evening and later on she wants to get home safe, it is also a nice gesture to pay for her taxi.

You will earn some extra points if you bring a gift for her from your home country. It is still very common in Ukraine to give ladies flowers.

They assume that you will have them when you first meet. So if you are hesitating whether you should get flowers or not, then rather buy them. Ukrainian women like men who are willing to take the initiative.

It is also very important when you are in the process of dating.

Whenever you invite a girl out, you need to have a plan.

Of course, you might think that she is local and you are not and she might know better where to go. You need to make some research and find some options of the restaurants, lounges and other forms of entertainment in town.

Otherwise, she will be put in an uncomfortable position where she has to decide for both of you.

Ukrainian girls do not like to be put under pressure.

Not knowing you well enough, she might be indecisive about where to go, because she will be afraid that you would not like her choice. Of course, if she shows the initiative herself and wants to make a suggestion, this is totally fine.

It will give you more information about her preferences.