Whether they talk to us directly over the phone or indirectly through their comments about a movie, we always listen.

Our user’s opinion, suggestions or concerns are not just greatly valued, they drive our progress.

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Now we are proud to present the MOVIEDOM a project created to help people learning the Russian language and culture.

We are proud to say that we have eliminated one of the most common problems internet users are facing today; sign up for an internet service and realize that to use it you need to upgrade your internet, computer and get a hundred little accessories.

To avoid that we are offering FREE trial access to our archives for 3 days during which our clients make sure their internet and computer are compatible with our services.

Ethnic Television Network (e TVnet) for the past five years was and is the largest competitor in the market of Russian online TV.

We offer the largest archive of almost a century of Russian and Soviet movies, shows and news to the Russian speaking audience worldwide.

Needless to say, our archive contains everything from the black and white classics to latest movies and shows in multitude of genres.

We are connecting Russian speaking immigrants, business travelers and vacationers from all over the world to their home and culture.

The tireless work of our Copyrights Department brought us contracts with key right holders in the Russian television industry giving us access to the most popular Russian television channels and archives of the main film production companies in Russia.

Nevertheless, we continue the search for new opportunities to enhance our customers’ experience on

e TVnet is set apart not simply by the variety and quality of our content, but by attention to our customers’ needs and wants!

We have a constant dialog between us and our customers.