'He's the most loving, generous, and most hardworking man I know.

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Tristan prettyman and jason mraz dating video

The I'm Yours hit maker was previously engaged to singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman in December 2010 but the couple broke off their engagement six months later.

At one point, Tristan Prettyman didn't know whether she would continue pursuing music.

Vocal cord issues plagued her pretty singing voice, and a high-profile break-up with her one-time fiance, singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, dampened Prettyman's usual sunny mood.

But those troubles were just the right cocktail Prettyman needed to get inspired.

"The minute it [her 2011 Split from Mraz] happened, I ran to my guitar and the pen and the paper," Prettyman told

"And I couldn't write fast enough to get out everything that was going on in my brain.And that was a miracle in a way because I had been coming from four years of being completely uninspired and felt like I was forcing myself to get back into music.So that situation just totally kick-started my inspiration." A trip around the world that Prettyman, 30, describes as her "'Eat, Pray, Love' moment" also kicked her creativity into high-gear."For me this record begins for me when I took a break, when I traveled," she said.Aside from traveling, Prettyman says she began reevaluating things when she underwent surgery on her vocal cords. So there's a lot of stuff that surrounds the vocal surgery," she said."I guess in a way because it was like the universe was taking my voice away at a time when I was like, 'I don't even want this.' And the minute it got taken I was like, 'OK, hold on, maybe I do want it!