Even if you can only afford , every little bit helps. Cool lesbian / L Word / Art website ‘The L Word Art‘ has posted a new interview with Guinevere Turner.The L Word Art is – from the site bio – “dedicated to the ART that The L Word has brought into light.Through the all 6 seasons, the show has honored some major, talented and sometimes provocative artists in so many disciplines: painting, photography, sculpture, music,…. In the first of a series of shorts by Guin, the lady herself goes out on a blind date.

Tracy chapman dating guinevere turner video

Hopefully Guin will indeed use You Tube more, here’s the official Guin Turner You Tube channel for those who want to subscribe! When we heard Guin was penning the script it was like the gaming gods and movie gods had answered a prayer, this was going to be epic. that wasn’t so good, given his record, but Guin’s involvement gave us hope.

The movie released, Tracy bought the DVD of course... We’ve got the full short film “Frozen Smile” for you thanks to You Tube user theblackunisex.

We’ve also updated the “Frozen Smile” workography page here at Guin just to keep us right.

This is your opportunity to help out Guinevere Turner!

For all those many hours you have enjoyed Guin’s work, it’s now time to give back.

Guin is trying to raise money to make an awesome indie movie called “Creeps”, which she will write and direct.They’re trying to raise 0,000 and only have 35 or so days... Mid June 2010 So here we are again, a year and a half after the last relaunch, we have once again relocated and are relaunching Guin The reason this time is to make your experience here a more fluid one, a neater, more aesthetically pleasing experience. We’ll be posting any snippets of info we hear about Guin Turner.This will include Guinevere Turner interviews, Guinevere Turner appearances and we are even hoping some updates straight from the horses mouth, so you can keep up to date with what this talented lady is doing.We’ll also be adding some more media, meaning an expanded... Guin Turner is a talented Writer, Director, Producer, Actress and of course ‘Lesbian Icon’.Guin Turner dot com was one of the first Guinevere Turner ‘fansites’ ever made, we’ve been around since 1997! Originally the site was titled ‘Guinevere Turner Appreciation...They’re trying to raise 0,000 and only have 35 or so days left to do it.