In addition, the fight on the video took place not on school grounds but six blocks away, making this a community issue, not a school issue.

She has told people she was going to have my son beat up.

And it just shows the poor quality that these kids are being brought up in a trashy way."The Port Richmond school says that while this is a community matter, apparently its student code of conduct does apply to kids coming and going to school - even blocks away.

So, four students who were apparently involved in the altercation have been suspended.

Philadelphia police are taking a close look at video of a brutal confrontation.

According to the victim's family, it shows a group of people, including adults, ganging up on a teenager. The accusation is that misplaced jealousy led to threats and then the attack that was captured on video. Parents got in it - students, boys."Police were provided video from the victim's family, who say they found it on social media.

What started as a one-on-one after school fight escalated, according to the 15-year-old girl who got beat up. The family says in the video Natalie can be seen being pounded by multiple attackers.

Pointing to her black eye, Natalie says, "An adult did this to me.

Someone's mother did this."Natalie is an 8th grader at the Memphis Street Academy Charter School.

Her mom, Jackie, says she alerted the school of threats against her daughter.