His funds are still limited but his waiting out for the pension that will see him live out his days here.

You'd think that would be the end of the story and life is great for this guy, that is of course until he returns to Australia to lodge his Age Pension application and gets denied!!

According to Centerlink he doesn't meet the requirements any longer because he is no longer a resident of Australia.

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Before he can make the application again he has to move back to Australia and live there for the next 2 years before he can apply again and get approved. There are many different variations to this story no one has the same but the ending is almost always the same.

And even after it's approved once you leave the country they start taking away money after a few months because you no longer live in Australia (but honestly who can live there now on an age pension almost impossible it's so expensive! So my mate Eric is now back in Australia living with a friend no income because the government won't give him the pension and just a few months ago life was awesome. So i'm writing this article to let everyone know exactly what they should do to get their .

The biggest advice i've got from retirees in Thailand on the Australian Age Pension is to bend the Truth don't outright lie but provide proof of the bent truth.

A close friend of mine Eric is being forced to return to Australia by the Australian government just to qualify for the old age pension.

This after he spent 40 years working and paying taxes to the government that funds his old age pension.

Now he can't live out his last years in Thailand because of some twat at Centerlink won't approve his application unless he lives in Australia for the next 2 years to satisfy their requirements.

Imagine this: you worked your whole life in Australia never going overseas never leaving the country and you get laid off by your company during the financial crises your 64 years old you can't get another job so you say to yourself well that's it, time to retire. Wow imagine the excitement of that guy when he lands on Sukhimvit stays at the Nana Hotel, he wished he'd been laid off years ago.

He returns a few weeks later with a few stories from Pattaya now sits in his flat bored to death.

"I'm going to retire to Thailand" he says to himself.

Even though he'd been working his whole life he doesn't have that much to show for it so he sells his flat (apartment) and returns to Thailand and goes through all the immigration rigmarole in order to get the necessary visas to live in Thailand.

His satisfied his financial requirements for Thailand by selling his flat bought a place in Udon Thani where he lives with his new 25y/o Thai wife and life couldn't get much sweeter from him.