It seems like shrimp is one of those love-or-hate foods.My husband isn’t a big fan of most seafood and fish but loooves shrimp.

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Shrimp is still pretty high on his list though.) Now my friend Alyssa, she’s crazy about salmon but hates hates hates shrimp. I’m on the far end of the spectrum, I love shrimp, and pretty much every other seafood fit for human consumption. Loads of flavor from the garlic and tomato but then there’s a bit of fiery goodness at the end of every bite.

Lobster, salmon, shrimp, crab legs, scallops – um, yes please. I was a little bit skeptical about throwing Italian seasoning and crushed red peppers into the same pot but now I’m a believer. Boil the pasta, sauté the shrimp in a little butter, then throw everything else in the pan.

It’s a whole new flavor combination I hadn’t experienced before and I can’t get enough of it. Give the tomatoes a big garlic-y flavor boost, add a creamy factor and top it with shrimp, and you’ll turn a hater into a fan. After a few minutes of simmering the flavors all come together and a whole new take on red sauce pasta is born.

Heaven knows the average dinner routine could use a little spicing up.

And just a side note – my husband does not like tomatoes.

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