Hoeever, I do not see the de- installation of my Mc Affe as the best solution for my problem.It is up to Bt to restore my connection to Mc Affee updates compensation due would be not only the monthly charge, but time wasted, distress caused and any compromise to my computer; not only in this area but other areas of my service that have also been affected previous to this.Mc Afee Security-as-a-Service solutions are designed to provide organizations of all sizes, from small to large enterprises, with a comprehensive set of security products built on a Software-as-a-Service model.

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Saa S is software owned, delivered, and managed remotely by the vendor.

The vendor provides Internet access to the application, as well as maintenance and upgrade services.

The infrastructure and IT operations supporting the applications are also provided by the vendor.

In a manner of speaking, Saa S applications are leased, rather than purchased, and they’re managed completely by the vendor that “leases” them.

This approach contrasts with the traditional, on-premises model, in which the customer purchasing software is responsible for installing it, as well as maintaining and upgrading it.

Customers are seeking flexibility in how they deploy software.

Mc Afee wants to offer customers a choice in how they use our solutions to protect their environments.

Customers can choose to deploy Mc Afee solutions on their own infrastructure and manage the applications themselves.

Or they can choose to deploy the solutions as Security-as-a-Service, where the application is installed and managed on Mc Afee’s own infrastructure.