should come as a shock to absolutely no one — I am back on the online dating wagon!

After trying and failing to find love on the internet, oh, three (wait, four?

) times in the last year or so, I’m dipping my toes into the waters once more, only this time, I’ve switched sites.

Here are 10 online dating profile faux pas that I am sick to death of seeing.

We could have moved in together, maybe even married one day, but we weren't right for one another. Since then, I've dated people on and off, done the online scene, had more than a few six-month relationships, nothing special. You went to that exotic place that one time and how it's different and interesting. Yes, organic meet-ups are more difficult to come by as a grown-up, but you're telling us that you actually do meet people in your everyday life. Invite six people over to your apartment to watch TV.

Guilty admission: I enjoy OKCupid more for the ability to judge random people than for the potential to go on a date and meet somebody. I'm also in a good place having just landed a wonderful job that is challenging, helpful to society, and meets my basic financial needs. On the one hand I'd really like to be in a relationship, and I'm ready to have the fun and do the "work" of a relationship. If you wind up spending more time with one of those six people, that's great. Dating is expensive and can be seriously repetitive. If he had a date with the right person, would he be able to see beyond the small talk?

I'd very much like a real relationship at this point, but this isn't a "Why won't anybody date me? Besides, I've found I'm able to meet people pretty easily. But it just takes too much effort to get to that point. (Snowmageddon, indeed.) And that's why you can only do it if you're psyched about it. Is the LW a drag or is he just sick of a difficult process?

For one, dating is expensive, even doing it cheaply. Descriptions of what you are both passionate about and your shared values. Taking a break will give you some clarity to see beyond the small talk.

Two, three, four 1st-5th dates add up, and that'll put a strain on a budget -- even when you split things, and I'm the sort of fellow who at least offers to pay. I have a fairly big network of friends -- going on an OK date that's not going to go anywhere is not as fun as seeing friends I know I like and haven't seen in far too long. Discussion relative to various tv shows, music, movies, or other pop/sub-pop phenomenon.

But mostly, I have the same date over and over again.

Here's how it goes, more or less: [Grabbing drinks, grabbing dinner, catching a movie, going to Quirky Artsy Thing, or doing Quirky Sport/Game Thing.] This weather is crazy!

Brief political or religious discussion (look how risky you both are to bring that up! Get to know people naturally so that by the time you're on a real date with them, you know they're worth your time (and money).