That moment #Scandal costars #Kerry Washington and #Tony Goldwyn joked about her “situation.” #Emmys (Photo credit: Vince Bucci/Invision for the Television Academy/ @ap.images) […] Totally admitted, sometimes people get upset about stuff that’s pretty silly. Ashley Ellis Sisco and her friends were trying to get into the Kandy Bar in Charlotte, […] As the Daily Mail reported this weekend, Paola Torrente, the model who was runner up in the Miss Italy pageant, is being body shamed by a cruel internet troll.Torrente is a twenty-two-year-old model who wears a size fourteen.

Sexy things you can do while video chatting-33

The message the models […] Tiziana was 31 years old with an entire life ahead of her, but that has ended due to the world of slut shaming. She sent a video of her having sex to her ex-boyfriend, presumably thinking that he would keep it to himself.

That was a […] Everyone has inherent biases that go with us in our daily decisions, but this one really hurt.

UNICEF did a social experiment with a young girl in Georgia that goes to show what you look like really does matter and determine how you’re treated.

We tell people to “man up” or to “take it like a man” when we’re urging them to handle something with strength and power. You've probably heard by now that you should discourage teens from posting certain information and photos online.

We tell people they’re doing something “like a girl” when we’re explaining how they’re doing something awkwardly or weakly. Here's a warning you may not have heard: Extend your TMI crackdown to their college essays.

When it was clear late last week that Zakk didn't win the van contest, his mother said her heart was broken, as were the hearts of many of Zakk's supporters.

The good news is that there's still a way to get Zakk a van.

Remember when we praised H&M for having Ashley Graham in their Studio Collection ads and not making a big deal out of it?

While the clothing wasn’t sold in stores, it was still a big step for a curve woman to the face of a non-curvy fashion line.

Unfortunately today ABC has reported that H&M […] Award shows are pretty much a snooze these days to me because it’s so predictable who the winners are going to be, and usually it really just depends on the year to get a really good mix of celebrities and movies and television shows represented.

Luckily, this year’s Emmys happened to be one of the […] You know how you see pregnant women walking down the street sometimes and you think to yourself, “I will be that fabulous when I’m preggo.” Yeah, Kerry Washington was that human being last night. Enter a story we were super bummed to hear about buzzing across social media.