In later years she comes to regard Adrian with purely platonic affection (or sometimes, with contempt), but he remains permanently enamoured of her.

After acquiring her A-levels, Pandora goes on to study Mandarin, Russian and Serbo-Croat at Oxford University.

She graduates with a double first and marries her first husband, Julian Twyselton-Fife whilst staying on to do a doctoral degree.

We are never told when (or if) Julian and Pandora actually divorce.

She also assists Barry Kent with his literary career, inviting him to dine at her college and recite his poetry to the undergraduates. Becoming a high-profile member of the new government, she is later appointed a Junior Minister in the Foreign Office.

At one point, she amazes the public by greeting a Chinese delegation in fluent Mandarin.

Pandora Louise Elizabeth Braithwaite (born 1967) was Adrian Mole's first girlfriend and the love of his life.

She is academically brilliant and a gifted linguist, later becoming a Member of Parliament and junior minister in Tony Blair's New Labour government and being featured as one of Blair's babes.

Pandora is the only daughter of Ivan Braithwaite and Tania Braithwaite.

She first moves to Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicester, and into Adrian's life, in January 1981.

Adrian falls in love with Pandora when they sit next to each other in Geography at school.

To him, she is the embodiment of adolescent sexual and romantic obsession.