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While anyone can read the chat output, all communication here is encrypted over https. While it can theoretically be established that someone at your IP address connected to this service, none of your chat activity can be associated with any IP address.

Privacy means that someone cannot see what you type in a chat room. Government, police, or other people in a cafe or your house can't read your chats. If you look at how the Start show system works, you see we could do it.

We don't know anything about you, and want it that way. Why doesn't my username go on my video box username? We could do this, but we want to be sure that YOU want to do that.

We don't know any IP addresses that connect to our chat.

We cannot log chats, except for the bit of actual text we stick at the bottom of some pages.

This protects your privacy by encrypting your connection from any location, verifying the site to your device or browser, and confirming that the site is what we say it is. Where are the women/girls/thing that I am interested in?

As of August 24th, 2014, the entire site is forced secure.

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