It meant a lot that he thought I was funny.”On the Inspiration for Her ‘Crazy Eyes’: “My crazy eyes? I've got a friend and I'm not going to name her, and when I started thinking about Gloria, just before the audition, I started watching like ' Fatal Attraction' and ' The Hand That Rocks The Cradle,' and I just thought a bit about how I could make someone really psycho and funny and aggressive and sexual, but also make her sweet enough that you still like her and think that she's endearing in some way - and not that she just needs to be institutionalized.

So this friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed, has this shtick where she has a bit of a crazy eye and I just thought that would be funny. He's so down to earth, sitting on set reading a book and talking to the rest of us with no star treatment like, ' I'm Christopher Walken the movie legend.' He wasn't intimidating or anything.

And if I added that with a really bad laugh, that combination, that it might work.”Isla Fisher on Having Christopher Walken Play Her Dad in “Wedding Crashers: “I was so excited and pleased and just so happy. He was just a great, great guy I thought.”Isla Fisher’s Take on Her Character: “She is crazy.

I mean, she's crazy in the sense that she's eccentric. It's not like you're doing something really heavy, but it's definitely hard.

And that's why they're the perfect match.”On Playing the Love Scene: “It's hard. You have a moment where you feel slightly prudish and even though you have a body double and it's playing and pretend. It's a tough thing to do because it's your sexuality.

Even though it's a character, it's still a little bit hard.

By Rebecca Murray Isla Fisher on Getting the Role of ‘Gloria’ in "Wedding Crashers:" “I think that I went through three or four [auditions]. It was definitely nerve-racking because obviously you go into the room with an American accent and then you pray that they don't start talking to you because you prepared the lines in the accent.

But then when it comes to something about your personal life or what the weather was like or where you came from today, then it's a little more difficult.

But it went really well and I did the scene and got out.Actually the first scene that I had to do was the scene where Gloria tells Jeremy that she loves him and that she's a virgin and I chose to kind of cry in it.And I remember thinking that that was a strong choice and let’s hope that the director doesn't think that it's too much because that could've cost me the job. But I didn't end up doing it in the film, actually.” Isla Fisher on Working with Vince Vaughn: “It's hard to have a repartee with Vince when you're looking at his bellybutton.I mean, the man is a circus freak and I'm very short.So together it was an unusual pairing, but we had a great time and he was very supportive.He's a veteran of this genre of comedy and I'm not so every time that I did something, whether it was improvising a baby voice or improvise [how] a magical friend speaks, he was very supportive and laughed and said, ' That's really funny.' He encouraged me to feel confident enough in my character to explore different options and that was huge for me.