Trying to meet girls on the internet can be just as bad. You already know how many girls you have to contact just to get a response, and how easily girls disappear when you say one thing they don't. The problem with my initial day game experiment wasn't that girls don't want to meet men during the day, it was that I was approaching them with the wrong game. I didn't realize that I had to start from scratch and develop an entirely different game. Elderly people in the coffee shop I went to constantly approached me in a way that was casual, indirect, and fun.Even worse, girls you do manage to get on dates almost always look worse than her pictures. They were just bored and wanted someone to talk to, but there was a clear method to their successful technique.Every man has a story of meeting a "secret internet fatty" who looked thin in her pictures but was a cow in person. Millions of men are spending dozens of hours in nightclubs and on dating apps for pathetic results. By successfully "gaming" me time and time again with their elderly game, they completely changed how I thought day game should be run.

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The numbers started coming in, then the dates, and finally, after a ton of experimentation, the bangs.

Looking back at my initial failures with day game when I was more cocky, I laugh at how I thought duplicating my night game would lead to success.

After constructing a rudimentary model, I started frequenting the six most accessible day venues where guys can meet girls in order to further optimize my material.

Meeting girls during the day ("day game") wasn't on my radar when I first started approaching women 15 years ago.

You're not getting results on dating apps that seem to only reward the top 10% of good-looking men with hot girls while leaving the fatties for everyone else. You're frustrated enough that you're now motivated to learn an entirely new method to meeting girls: day game.

It was a foregone conclusion that any man learning game at that time would first start at night in the bars and clubs.

That's what most of the "pickup" material available back then was for. There were enough downsides to the nightclub scene that I wished there was a better way.

I did the whole going-out-five-nights-a-week thing. I approached a million and one women in bars and clubs. If you're gaming in a large American, Canadian, or British city, I'll be willing to bet that at least four of these factors will be present on any night you go out.

I learned how to talk to them, tease them, and dance. I'm sure you've had nights when ALL of them were present.

Even if I didn't sleep with the girls I was meeting on the same night, I had a strategy to do so within a couple of dates. I'm in no way saying you can't get laid with decent women by going out at night, but it's getting harder and you're expected to pay more money and put up with more attitude.

All the skill and knowledge I attained to meet and date women at night went into my first book Bang, which provided a dating strategy that centered around meeting girls at night. It's no longer a healthy way to meet good women, and some would argue that it never was. They were everywhere, alone, not drunk on alcohol, and in an calmer environment where the music wasn't loud. What I first did was simply copy-and-paste my night game for approaching girls during the day. I didn't get good responses to my typical cocky night game and I didn't have meaningful conversations that led to girls showing an interest in me. I concluded that women didn't want to meet men during the day, so I went back into the night trenches, getting cockblocked left and right while dealing with girls wearing flip-flops in the bar who thought they were better looking than they actually were.