Friend, Speaker Mike Madigan just gave 0,000 directly to the Democratic Party of Illinois. He’ll spend that money to help elect Tammy Duckworth, who fired whistleblowers for exposing abuse of veterans. Bruce Rauner pledged Monday to continue rooting out improper patronage hiring at the same time his lawyers were attempting to block a federal court monitor’s expanded review of all state administration jobs. District Court in Chicago, Rauner’s administration argues that the state has already paid 0,000 to the special master; expanding her workload would come at a much steeper cost. He’ll spend that money to help elect Hillary Clinton, who hid classified emails on her private server.He’ll spend that money to help elect Susana Mendoza so her office can hire more of his patronage goons. Rauner announced today that he had abolished the staff assistant position at the Illinois Department of Transportation when it was actually abolished in April via an agreement with the Teamsters, was he trying to tamp down coverage of this? […] Yet, Rauner says a review of all state positions by a special master — appointed in 2014 to investigate the scandal, in which the staff assistant posts were improperly handed out as political favors — is premature, too costly and duplicative of the work it wants the Office of the Executive Inspector General to do. It also outlines a newly created Hiring and Employment Monitoring unit under the executive inspector general.

In its new survey of Illinois, the Loras College Poll finds Democrat Hillary Clinton with a lead over Republican Donald Trump.

The live-caller statewide survey of a random sample of 600 likely voters was conducted Sept. […] Clinton and Trump both continue to struggle with the public’s perception of them.

Even in the state she used to call home, 50 percent of likely Illinois voters view Clinton unfavorably, while 67 percent view Donald Trump negatively.

[…] About even numbers of Trump supporters indicate they intend to vote for the real estate mogul more out of opposition to Clinton (46 percent) than in support of Trump (44 percent).

For Clinton, a majority (54 percent) indicated that their choice of Clinton was due more to support of her than opposition to Trump.

In terms of race, Trump’s support among Hispanic and African-American voters is very small, with only 10 percent of Hispanic voters surveyed intending to vote for the real estate mogul.Only 4 percent of African-Americans surveyed indicated they intend to vote for Trump.[…] Geography is also an important element in understanding Illinois politics, with the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and City of Chicago holding substantial importance politically and economically.Downstate Illinois comprises the third geographic unit of analysis.Geographic differences in voter preference are revealed in this Loras Poll, as Clinton’s margin is strongest in the City of Chicago (64 percent Clinton to 12 percent Trump), while within the Chicago MSA the race is more competitive (42 percent for Clinton and 31 percent for Trump).There is one geographic region in which Trump holds the advantage over Clinton.