When you think about Asian dating you might think of Thai mail order brides.

By professional I mean that they have great jobs, are university educated (sometimes to postgraduate level) and don't need to marry for money.

Professional Asian women like those I've personally dated also usually speak near-fluent English, so you'll not have to take time out of your busy lifestyle to learn Japanese or Mandarin Chinese!

So these are the sites I recommend you check out: So there you go - a number of professional dating sites where the quality of woman will definitely surprise you.

Forget the days of Thai brides called Ting Ting - these days Asian women usually have better educations and prospects than the women in your own country. While Western men are popular with the Asian ladies, it's probably true to say that Western women are even more popular in Asia!

So which countries have the best opportunities for women in Asia?

It's probably best to discount the less wealthy countries like Thailand and the Philippines. However, the majority of single men are of the mail order husband variety.

Professional dating for women in Asia is normally centered around the industrialised countries such as South Korea and Japan. I visited Shanghai in early 2012 and the place is incredibly modern, with a definite European feel to it.

Hong Kong and Singapore are also excellent places for women to meet professional men in Asia.

All of these sites are woman friendly in that they're not just for men seeking mail order brides.

Just be aware that if you're chatting to men from another country then you're very susceptible to getting contacted by scammers.

Male scammers from African countries like Nigeria work these sites day and night.