This morning Larry Noodles decided to pray at the synagogue known as the Yeshiva of New Haven.

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Larry Noodles showed up at the Greer asylum at approximately AM.

Larry Noodles took a seat in the table that used to be seat of Greer’s number one son, who abandoned his old man a long time ago. As Larry Noodles put the prayer shawl over his head he was violently assaulted by Greer.

Greer came up to him in the synagogue and violently pushed Larry Noodles out of the room, while yelling at Larry Noodles.

Larry Noodles told Greer he was there to pray, and didn’t want to start any trouble. Greer told Larry Noodles that he had to leave immediately.

In the hallway Larry Noodles told Greer that he just wanted to get his bag and he would be on his way. Greer clenched his left fist and held it next to Larry Noodle’s head and yelled out, “I will use my fist.” Larry Noodles looked at Greer’s 70 year old wrinkled fist and shrugged his shoulders.

How much harm could the fist of an out of shape little man do?

Greer kept yelling and pushing Larry Noodles towards the stairway.

Greer pushed Larry Noodles down a couple of stairs and then kicked Larry Noodles in the buttocks.

Larry Noodles asked Greer, “What has happened to you, what have you become?