He was one of four Democrats in the 1994 election to take a congressional seat that had just been held by a Republican, while Republicans gained dozens of seats to take over the House.

Kennedy currently serves on the House Appropriations Committee's Subcommittees on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education; and on Science, State, Justice and Commerce.

From 1999 to 2001, he served as Chairman of the moved Kennedy to the House Appropriations Committee, a high profile assignment that led Kennedy to pass up the Senate opportunity for 2000.

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The speculation ended March 30 with Kennedy's announcement that he would not run for the US Senate, but would seek reelection to the House.

Should Kennedy be elected to the Senate while his father remains representing .

They made a speech about the future and academics, and later signed autographs for students and faculty.

I don’t think Drew Barrymore minds when people talk about her, especially when it’s about something as innocent as who she’s currently dating.

The new Drew doesn’t really seem to mind much of anything.

And by new, I mean, this Drew that is constantly happy and just wanting everyone around her to be happy.

But, if people are going to talk, she at least wants to set them straight and this time, it’s in regards to her ex-boyfriend, Justin Long. and I don’t know how to maintain a relationship to be honest, while I’m doing all of that.” So, what do I think is the real deal?

No, they’re not dating and no, she’s not dating anyone else. We’re in each other’s lives, and we’re friends, and we’re working together, and we have worked together.” Would she be jealous if he began dating someone else? She wants him to meet “fantastic people because he’s a great guy, and he deserves the most happiness,” she says. I think that Drew and Justin probably aren’t actually dating.

When I first saw this story, I have to admit, I thought that they probably were seeing each other again but didn’t really want to take it public again just yet. ” she told Us Thursday at the Los Angeles premiere of Grey Gardens. “And, for me, I am still just not ready for anything,” she continues. That being said, I think that at least one of the reasons for the breakup may have been that Drew really is just too busy and too screwed up about relationships (because oh lordy, she is! I think that the most recent affection between the two may be a case of lots of love still there but just a simple case of bad timing.

But a closer read shows me that there may be more to this whole Drew/Justin thing than we originally thought. From “Despite public PDA earlier this week with ex Justin Long at the NYC premiere of her new HBO flick Grey Gardens, Drew Barrymore tells she is single. “I get to be who I am and do what I want and be with the people I love. “I’ve spent two years really with a very different life than I’ve had before. Which makes this whole entire couple not working out just that much sadder.

I feel like I have everything, and I’m very fortunate, and it’s a very rich, fulfilling time in my life.” On Friday’s Ellen De Generes Show, she adds that she and Long – who are set to shoot the romantic comedy Going the Distance later this year – are just “good friends.” “We’re doing a film this summer,” she says.