After two years in hiding, he was recruited to the FBI as a consultant. In the episode Byzantium, the birth date on his driver's license is given as July 30, 1969.

In the series finale, White Orchids, the birth date given on his marriage license is September 16, 1974.

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Jane is depicted as about sixteen or seventeen years old.

The episode shows the teenaged Jane working in a carnival as a psychic boy wonder, with his father Alex who emceed the sideshow.

Patrick had what his father called "x-ray eyes," his amazing skills of observation, deduction and induction.

) Angela Ruskin Jane (†) (first wife) Alex Jane (father) Danny Ruskin (brother-in-law) Stan Lisbon (brother-in-law) James Lisbon (brother-in-law) Tommy Lisbon (brother-in-law) Karen Lisbon (sister-in-law) Annabeth Lisbon (niece by marriage) Brian Lisbon (nephew by marriage) Joey Lisbon (nephew by marriage) Paul Lisbon (nephew by marriage) Annie Lisbon (niece by marriage) Significant others: Kristina Frye (one date) Erica Flynn (kissed) Lorelei Martins (one-night-stand) Patrick Jane is a former consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation.

He uses his keen powers of observation, his brilliant mind and his flair for mischief to solve crimes.

Despite his lack of boundaries and disregard for protocol, he is valued because his tricks, ruses and mind games close cases.His motivation in joining the CBI is to find and kill Red John.Jane previously worked as a psychic and became a minor celebrity.In a TV interview, Jane taunted Red John, a serial killer, saying: "He's an ugly, tormented little man, a lonely soul, sad, very sad." This prompted Red John to murder Jane's wife, Angela Ruskin Jane, and daughter, Charlotte Anne Jane.Ever since, Jane's life purpose has been to avenge his family by killing Red John.In the episode Red John (episode), he finally exacted his revenge and killed Red John.