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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I love this girl, but it's starting to be an issue.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Of course at the beginning it was all good, but after a year I thought her appetite would get "normalised", god was I wrong. Each time I reject gently her demands for sex she gets it really bad, and I end up fulfilling her desires.

Apart from both of us enjoying sex, we had very little else in common.

If I came home tired and frustrated from a bad day, it didn't matter to her. It was Ok for awhile but after awhile it was time for me to move on. It was about almost twenty years ago, and she really wasn't all that great in the sack anyway. You feel like a toy; I felt like a sperm bank just making regular deposits into an unemotional bank.

She just wanted to get flukked all the I wanted to watch the sports or the news or read the paper or a book, forget it.... It wasn't all that memorable a relationship, but man she was like gum under a shoe to try and ditch.

Finally i got one of my chums to start banging her, but he would bang anything that moved so they didn't last that long.

But they lasted long enuff for me to take a promotion to another city far far away from her.

This is one of them threads where you guys should just pull them out and see whose is bigger than all this BS.... OMG Im rolling lmao here , yea Have to agree with the 2 ladies seems its going to get very high with BS in this thread... It was mostly good, although there were times her craving got in the way. Marry her, maybe that will calm her down a bit otherwise, better get to shoppin for those " Girly Toys!I will have to go put my high boots on now to read any more of these braggodious posts. She would even duck out of work for a quickie sometimes. This is not bragging : the downside of being with a nympho is not being able to keep up cuz you can't keep IT up . Women with intense sexual drives are nymphos, guys are just horny. " Oh and dont forget the batteries , gonna needs lots of them ... first some men complain we dont give in enough and now some of us do and its too much !Even if you compensate by not coming for as long as you can, you STILL know it isn't enough ! Its time to recognize the old Puritanical roots to so many of our sexual attitudes. YIKES Good Luck with your dilemma Nymphomaniac is still the correct term.Men can have a similar condition, which is called satyriasis (fans of mythology will get the reference).It is a well-documented medical condition, and does not mean "someone who is just horny all the time".