Perhaps most importantly, if you have a choice between an MAS and non-MAS version of the same app, which should you prefer? This is the key difference between MAS apps and non-MAS apps. A developer has the option to decide the extent of receipt checking for an app.

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MAS versions of apps Assuming you have a choice, there are reasons to prefer the non-MAS version of an app as compared to its MAS twin.

The main one is that you can freely copy non-MAS apps to any other computer with no restrictions — especially so for freeware.

For the most part, they will immediately and successfully launch, just as they do on the originating computer.

Apps you install from the Mac App Store (MAS) are different from other applications on your drive.

Even if an MAS app is an apparent duplicate of a program you previously downloaded from the Web or installed from a disc, the apps are not exactly the same.

As such, the Mac App Store app can recognize if an app was acquired from the Store.

The Store app will offer to update MAS-acquired apps but not the same app acquired outside of the Store.

Mac OS X can similarly tell if an app came from the Store or not.

For example, using the Finder, you can copy a non-App Store app from one drive to another and it will work the same in both locations. How exactly are MAS apps different from other apps?