For the purposes of this myspace article, we will assume 18-35.

With this myspace cap if you browse within 25 miles you might be missing out on girls that are within 5 miles of you due to the cap!

Now for most guys 3000 girls may be enough, but if this is an issue to you the best thing to do is to just segment your age range.

Like if it is 18-35, do separate searches for 18-25 and 25-35 or so on until you make it under the myspace cap in each segment. Myspace gets a bad rep for being a haven of predators that send girls hordes of messages.

There are a lot of online dating sites out there that have discussed myspace and dating.

Some of this information will overlap with other dating sites but as you know, or should know, at Date Demon we strive to bring you original content.

Therefore, while some of this may not be new to everyone, we at least tried to put our own unique and useful twist on it.

This is part one of the Date Demon guide for finding, browsing, attracting, and potentially dating girls using myspace.

This will be a long article but definitely useful and I hope you will pass it along to your friends.

The single most important dating feature on myspace is definitely the browse.

There are a lot guys that want to know more about how to properly browse on myspace to meet women.

First you need to establish the age range of girls you are willing or wanting to date.