Screen captures from WFTV appearing to showing the messages between the mother and son showed Eddie had sent his mother a text saying 'I love you' before informing her there was a shooting taking place.

The mother told WOFL that at one point during her correspondence with Eddie, she made him get off the phone with her and text instead while she asked him questions because he was fearful he was going look at the shooter and get shot.

Police said a gunman, who has since been identified as US citizen Omar Matten, shot dead at least 50 people and injured 53 others in a crowded gay nightclub before being killed by police in what authorities described as a 'domestic terrorism incident'.

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' On Saturday, the nightclub had posted on their Facebook they were putting on a 'Latin Night' and invited club-goers to come party.

Adults with ASD and the parents of children on the spectrum may not always see eye to eye, but they both can benefit greatly from open conversation.

Here, a mom to a young autistic boy and an adult on the spectrum sit down to bridge the gap.

Kids with autism—like my son Liam, a non-speaking 7-year-old on the spectrum—benefit when their parents engage in dialogue with autistic adults.

But, too often, parents and autistic adults end up at odds with each other.

To sum the conflict in very, very broad strokes: parents argue that autistic adults cannot possibly understand the struggles they're facing when raising an autistic child, and parents also feel a stranger, even one with a similar neurology, can't possibly know what's best for their child.

On the other side, autistic adults feel marginalized, hurt, and angry about being the subject of such attacks, they rankle at being told they need to be "cured," and they argue that they can indeed offer insights into what might be best for autistic children, even if they've never met them.

With that in mind, I was thrilled when Lydia Wayman, an autistic writer, speaker, and advocate, reached out to me, hoping we could bridge some of the distance between adults on the spectrum and parents to autistic kids.

JP: Why do you think there's a disconnect between parents and autistic adults?