Students will also be offered to study different Jewish professions to compliment their rabbinical careers.Yesterday I posted the first two elements of John 15:1-8, remaining (abiding) and obedience.Today I want to finish this series with the final two keys to this passage. In the text He spoke of fruit, bearing fruit, bearing more fruit, and bearing much fruit.

When a believer abides in Christ and obeys Him, that believer will become fruitful.

Ancient viticulture used two processes to ensure the harvest of fruit. Grapevines would be trained by running them along poles or trellises. In the spring, they would remove the tips of rapidly growing shoots so that the vine would not become an end unto itself and to prevent it from breaking in high wind.

The vines were lifted up from the ground to improve their fruit bearing potential. Some of the flowers and early clusters would also be thinned to improve the quality of the fruit that was permitted to grow.

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The JRA is committed to educating a new generation of authentic Jewish rabbis, educated in all subjects of Jewish law needed by a rabbi, as well as the practical aspects of Rabbinical leadership; enabling them to become knowledgeable and dedicated leaders for the English-speaking Jewish communities of the world.

The Jerusalem Rabbinical Academy The JRA is a unique Yeshiva nestled in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City, focused on producing a new generation of authentic rabbis.

Our students will be not only be ordained in many sections of Jewish law, but will have a strong education in Gemarah, as well as practical rabbinics.