Something that has become so usual that most consider as a natural step, without giving it further consideration.

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One of my past flatmates was actively looking for love online.

Besides having registered in several websites for that end, I remember he also had several mobile applications (apps) installed in his Smartphone.

I think he actually subscribed pretty much anything that even remotely could help him find love but outlined Tinder as his main dating tool.Another of my closest friends is a jogging addicted – shout out P.He has installed on his Smartphone various apps which enable him to know how much steps he has made in a particular day, the route undertaken, and the heart rate via external device, which enables him to monitor his progresses. Well, they actually use mobile apps to cover very specific necessities.And in this regard they can rely with almost anybody else. Now that everyone (except for my aunt) seems to have a Smartphone, apps are increasingly popular for the most diversified purposes. For my friend, it is to keep track of his running progresses. From receiving and sending messages, using maps and navigation services, receiving news updates, playing games, dating or just checking the weather…You name a necessity or convenience, and there is an app for it.On the downside, using apps usually requires to provide more or less personal information to the specific intended effect.