Keith Olbermann is insane, Chris Matthews is insane, and Tom Brokaw is ashamed to be anywhere near them.MSNBC is a hilarious train wreck of scurrilous hobos, one which Brokaw can only defend by describing planets crashing into the sun, as a good thing, for a hearty paragraph.Also: Tim Russert is dead, and Keith Olbermann used to date Laura Ingraham.

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And, like most of the other women in the life of MS-NBC's premiere leftist sexist, she's not interested in dating him.

Rather, she merely wishes to see his well-padded bottom fade into the distance.

In sports broadcasting, where Olbermann worked for twenty years, the phrase -- picked up from opera -- signifies the end of the game, the last minutes when hope of revival is past and fans head for the exits.

The pair dated and lived together from June 2006 to 2009.

At the time, Tur was in her mid 20s and Olbermann was in his late 40s.

Olbermann allegedly helped Tur get her big break into media, as his recommendation landed her a position at WPIX, New York's CW affiliate, in 2008.

After a stint as a storm chaser for the Weather Channel, Tur was hired as a reporter for NBC in 2009.

Continue Reading Katherine Bear Tur was born on Oct. Both Robert and Marika were successful broadcast reporters in their own right, and the Los Angeles News Service that they cofounded was the first service to use an AStar helicopter to cover a news story. Tur had hormone replacement therapy in 2014 and is now known as Hannah Zoey Tur.

Tur was also in the first helicopter to locate the car chase involving O. Outside of her family life, Tur has managed to make a name for herself by becoming one of NBC's primary reporters.

She reports for many branches of the NBC News franchise including "Today," "NBC Nightly News," "Meet the Press" and "MSNBC." Some of the major stories that Tur has covered in her time at NBC include the death of "Glee" actor Cory Monteith, the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and the biker gang attack on an SUV in New York City that involved and undercover police officer.

profile of your annoying loudmouth boyfriend Keith Olbermann and, like most profiles of MSNBC personalities, it confirms everything you learned about current MSNBC dynamics during the first five minutes of its Iowa caucus coverage.