Apart from that, stand up straight and minimize jerky, quick body movements.A commanding person will usually look like they conserve their body energy, while others seem to have their energy all over the place.In the previous piece about being assertive with people who intimidate you, we talked about clarifying your values, starting small and shifting your thinking about the intimidating person.

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Because that’s the great thing about being assertive: It’s a skill we can learn and practice. Dealing with intimidating people can shake our confidence and trigger self-doubt, said psychotherapist Michelle Farris, LMFT.

Sometimes we find them intimidating because these individuals dominate the conversation, express their opinions as facts and expect others to back down, she said.

They might be used to getting their way and have strong personalities, she said.

While I am physically quite fit and a regular practitioner of martial arts, I don't have an intimidating personality.

On top of that I have a boyish face which makes me look much younger.

As part of my job, I have to supervise a bunch of blue collar workers which requires certain amount of force (non-physical) and a bit of intimidation to get the work done properly.

But due to my short height and lean build, I look anything but intimidating.

Even in personal life, especially when I am out with my girlfriend, I would like to give out an aura of 'don't mess with me', to avoid ruffians from troubling us. I have absolutely no intention of being a troublemaker, but would like some tips of how I can look more intimidating to help me with my job and personal life. A shifty gaze indicates a lack of self confidence, a steady one shows calmness and strength.

Look straight into people's eyes when you talk to them. Locking eyes with another person will also increase your own confidence.

Considering you practice martial arts, I'm sure you would know the power of eye contact.

Staring can be off putting, so learn to strike a balance so that you don't make people feel threatened.