We repeat: The Spice Girls could have been in the studio recording NEW music together.

We know that the likes of Mel B, Mel C, and Geri Halliwell have all spoken out about doing something to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album ‘SPICE’, and they were all keen to do it.

Somehow, we just don’t think that Victoria Beckham would have been up for it… ” Piecing all the clues together, this could refer to the Spice Girls.

especially not after she recently revealed her mic was off half the time during live performances. He’s worked with them in the past, and it is of course the 20th anniversary of their debut album, ‘SPICE’ this year.

Captain Elliott Neese has been a big part of the series whether fans like or hate him. While he was in Malibu, Elliott met a beautiful young woman named Erika Fridenbergs. then go to Fiji.” The two have spent a lot of time together, traveling to places like Mexico, and now the star is living in Chicago with Erika.

Nonetheless, he’s a polarizing figure on the show who interests viewers. If you follow him on social media, chances are you’ve seen photos of the couple cozy together. Elliott shared that they have plans to move to Hawaii once he’s finished with the reality show.

Season 11 for Elliott was fraught with his addiction issues before millions of viewers as they watched him unravel and clash with a member of his crew. Elliott says he’s doing great since his treatment at Passages, but admits he still deals with some rough moments. When asked about his love life, Elliott is clearly proud to show off the new woman in his life. “I live in Chicago with my girlfriend and we have some plans to move to Hawaii when all of this is done,” Elliott shared. Elliott Neese reveals that he won’t be on the show except for a few times.

In an exclusive interview with Elliott Neese of was airing, Elliott entered rehab at Passages, a treatment center in Malibu. After recovering from his substance abuse issues, he’s taking some much-needed time to focus on himself. The real captain won’t be seen on the show.” Elliott’s father, Mike Neese, has been on the Saga during the last few seasons of “We aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on a lot of things,” the captain said, adding, “It’s kind of a sad deal.

“We live in Chicago and have plans to travel to Panama to fish and surf…

“I won’t be on this season because of what I had to do to get better,” Elliott explained. I’m going to talk to Discovery about getting on season 13, but I want them to tell side of the story.” Elliott says Saga will have a different captain commanding it in Season 12. I won’t be on it and neither will my dad,” Elliott said. He was disappointed in me after last year and how I handled things. Things are good there.” Neese is a self-described “villain” on the series of in January 2014 that he doesn’t mince words, and, on-camera, this may not always rub viewers the right way. I don’t appease the camera, and maybe that doesn’t always come off right,” Neese said. It’s entertainment, that’s it.” Will you miss seeing Elliott Neese as a regular on the show this season?

We’re working on it, though.” On a good note, Elliott explains that he talks to his kids practically every day.

Could the Spice Girls have been in the studio recently recording NEW music?