Through research and soul searching, I came up with at least 25 reasons why my own name was the best choice for my business.

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I’ll show you what you need to consider and get clear on in order to decide how to name your business.

Hopefully, my experience can save you from some torture (of self and others) and get you out of a creative cul-de-sac and back into action.

Heads up: this episode is about the power of clarity and personal choice when it comes to naming your business. Remember, the more specific you can be the better, because your experience may be the big “Aha” someone in our community needs!

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The issue I was wrestling with: deciding what to name my business.

I couldn’t figure out whether I should name my business something catchy, descriptive and memorable, or name my business after myself. I circled around in this creative cul-de-sac for longer than I care to admit. Plus, it was holding me back from moving ahead on everything else.