Chatting: While in a chat room you will see the messages sent by other chatters scroll up the main part of the screen.

To send messages to the rest of the room click into the text box below and start typing.

Pressing the on your keyboard will send the message to all chatters in the room.

This will open a small conversation window which only you and the other chatter will see.

If somebody private messages you, their first message will show up highlighted on the screen with text prompting you to click the message.

You may click this message to open the private conversation with this person.

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Logging in: Enter your desired chat name and press the login button.

If the name is reserved or currently in use, you will have to choose another.

Avatar and other options: Once login is complete you may press the button to edit your name and choose an avatar.

You may also change the font and text/background colors, alert sounds, and more.