We started chatting to a man that was staying there as his partner was staying with his mother round the corner (house not big enough for all of them to sleep comfortably) and when his partner went to the hotel to collect him one evening, he was not allowed to go up to his room.

I wonder if their crashing currency will make them a little bit more welcoming towards visitors.

This said: Don't take an escort to your room for your own sake, there are safe venues to enjoy him. ONly hotel that allows guests is in Rio close to the sauna, the hotel is Atlantico, must leave guest id at desk.

Escorts can be are extortionists and some are dangerous.

Hello could someone help with links on escort sites with gays? An interesting test of the latitude allowed within the Guidelines & Rules.

i searched for 1 hours,just maybe 10 advertisements,but i don't believe that in Brazil so low quantity of escorts.could you please help with links? I guess it could be argued that the topic is not illegal and obscenity is in the mind of the beholder.

But perhaps it should be relegated to a new specific Prostitution forum without limitation to gender or sexual orientation.

I suspect it would attract a lot of hits but rather fewer posters I would STRONGLY recommend AGAINST bringing anybody to your hotel in Brazil.

Escorts in Brazil can be lot of trouble (not good trouble).

Best thing is to meet them at a neutral place and do the business right there, i.e. With the exception of Rio G and probably Studio 64, ALL the other saunas in Rio are of the "escort type".

You won't find problem finding what you are looking for right there at the premises.

There are plenty of listings on the web for saunas in Rio The hotel I stayed at in Ipanema had a no guests policy.