By serial number alone...since a couple of earlier numbers (46 and 786) didn't ship until later dates, this would have been about the tenth earliest carbine by number. Even if they found them all, it would still be in the top ten!That's an amazing thought when you consider that when the Winchester plant in New Haven closed earlier this year, over seven million Model 1894's had been produced between 1894 and late 2005/early 2006.

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Of those, not all of them even shipped in that first year.

Several hundred were still uncompleted or simply sitting in Winchester's warehouse when the year 1895 rolled in.

There are even model 1894's with one- and two-digit serial numbers that weren't built and shipped until 1895.

During the past year, we've had an amazing streak of good fortune in acquiring not one, but three of the earliest known Model 1894 saddle ring carbines in existence.

This little carbine is a standard Winchester 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine (SRC) with 20" round barrel, full magazine, carbine ladder sight, saddle ring, and semi-crescent style buttplate.

The earliest known 1894 carbine, 787, and the second earliest known, 791, both were listed in our website last year.

Here are the links to those two carbines: The serial number is 793 and it was in the exact same crate with 787 and 791 as part of an eight carbine shipment that left the Winchester factory on December 1, 1894.

All three of these 1894's are rare 1st Models in caliber 38-55.

Interestingly enough, 787 and 791 were found in the northeastern United States while 793 was found recently in Oregon.