They can create new worlds, make people laugh, help you fall in love and spread empathy and understanding. When IS the right time to drop the breast cancer bomb?A breast cancer diagnosis can shatter relationships and put younger children at risk of vulnerability.

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Even as I write this, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells and having to be overly cautious with what I want to say - which says a lot if you think about it...

Without trusted information from schools, young people will turn to less reliable sources such as the internet or their peers as they navigate life outside the classroom.

We must end this silence and make age-appropriate SRE mandatory in all schools if we are to tackle this safeguarding crisis.

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Planetarium shows, hands-on crafts, lectures and musical performances round out the offerings.Personally now with that mind-blowing wonder of hindsight, I can look back over the past twenty odd years, if not more of my life and I have to question whether the constant fretting that I seemed incapable of stopping served any purpose whatsoever. When I started seeing George almost ten years ago, he was still undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia...Finally, as individuals, we can attempt to tackle the issues of adaption and comparison directly. Possibly through education, but I think I'll tackle that another time. We all know the old adage 'a problem shared is a problem halved' but can having an open and honest conversation really make you feel better?We can try to avoid comparing ourselves to others, and try to adapt to negative things quickly while staying appreciative of positive things. What would you say to the stranger who saved your husband's life? Can it in fact make you healthier or bring you greater wellbeing?You've always believed that words have superpowers.They can bring out the strongest emotions and form the most elaborate stories.