When I first embarked upon my quest to marry a Russian woman in 1992 there were no guide-lines to follow.

There are numerous other Internet sites providing valuable information for pursuing marriage with Russian women.

I strongly encourage you to visit other sites to obtain a different perspective on the process.

In comparison, I think you will find Dating Russian Women offers a direct no-frills approach designed to save you time and money.

I pursued marriage with and married a Russian woman during 1992.

Unfortunately my turbulent marriage with Natasha ended in divorce five years latter.

Wiser from the experience and unwilling to accept defect, I again pursued marriage with Russian women during the 1997 - 2001 time period.

My 1998 journey took me to Kiev, Ukraine where I stayed in one of these Kiev flats.

Love was in the air, but logic ruled the day and I returned unengaged.

Still determined to marry a feminine Russian wife, I traveled by train through Ukraine in 1999 and visited Saint Petersburg during White Nights in 2000.

The journeys were wonderful visiting different cities and meeting beautiful Russian women, but a serious commitment of marriage was not forthcoming.

It is often said the best lessons in life are the hardest to learn.