Unfortunately, this makes dating a photo of just a baby very difficult based only on clothing.

Until around WWI, the length of a girl’s skirt was an indicator of her age.

They would be just below the knees for toddlers and gradually get longer as she aged.

But as women’s skirts got shorter in the 20th century, so did girls’ skirts, so this trend died out.

Similarly, beginning in the 1850s boys’ trousers tended to get longer the older they were and by about 10 or 11 they would wear simpler versions of his father’s clothes.

Toddlers (and sometimes children as old as 5) wore dresses or pleated skirts with cotton long-sleeved bodices over top of cotton pantalettes (ankle-length drawers). When his mother thought it was appropriate, a boy would then be breached, which meant he lost the dress and could wear what older boys wore.

Old photos that only feature children are very common so I thought I’d write a little guide for dating photos by children’s clothing.

Remember that this is not a definitive guide on children’s clothing.

There will be clothing variations based on age, nationality, and income level.This article is mostly intended to point you in the right direction for further research.Please reference my previous article on adult fashion together with this article as children’s clothing had similar silhouettes and details to adult clothing, especially in older children.What children wore depended greatly on how old they were.Babies wore long gowns (that looked like today’s christening gowns).They gradually went out of fashion once rompers (like onesies) began to appear at the beginning of the 20th century.