Here are some first date basics to try, and before you know it, you'll be having fun, expanding your circle of friends and on your way to finding someone you might actually want to go on a second date with. Don't just ask someone out simply for the sake of it.

When you're ready, suggest by email or phone that you hook up.

A simple "Hey, why don't we get together for a bite to eat? If the object of your affection is interested (and only if interested), ask when they're available and suggest a time and place.

Choose something that's convenient for both of you. Ideally, your first date should be at an open place that has a lot of people milling about, like a book store or casual lunch joint.

A little creativity is a good idea, but remember that your goal is not to impress your date with the lavish setting but rather to select a spot that's casual and nice where there'll be ample opportunity to chat quietly and get to know each other.

Your best bet is someplace that you've already been to and like.

If you don't have a spot in mind, ask a friend, coworker or even your date to recommend a favorite. Sharing the information with friends will help you relax and appease any safety worries you might have.

Also, if your date bombs, you'll have someone to laugh about it with, and if your date is the bomb, you'll have someone to share your glee. Pick something to wear that you love and that makes you feel absolutely fabulous.

If nothing in your closet does it for you, hit the stores.

A small investment into feeling good about your look can go a long way on the love scene.

Also, be sure that whatever you wear is appropriate for the place you're meeting at.

If you've never been to the spot, call ahead and ask. You're going on a first date, not walking down the aisle, so expect to meet a new friend, not your life mate.