The suburban towns are all beautiful, and there is an endless variety of charming drives in all directions.Cambridge is close at hand, with the literary advantage of a university town, and the city itself is provided with everything necessary for study or amusement.

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BS E 57 1881 “Dissensions of inbred Calvinism in conflict with the encroachment of materialism; resistance between natural man and a stingy, hostile universe.

Story of a man surviving in a world where joys are few, his greatest being the pleasure of learning to love to hate. Wells, 1906 Post Civil War = many Boston Brahmins set up residence in Europe.

The shadow of Cromwell still loomed, resistance to something was still the law of the land, and we live through Henry Adams, the dilemma of an 18th century Bostonian standing in the 19th century with one foot stepping precariously to the 20th.” -- The Education of Henry Adams “There broods over the real Boston an immense effect of finality. Brahmins withdrew leaving control of the city to be assumed by the hated Irish. “There will always be young women dependent on their own exertions for support.” 1866 John Greenleaf Whinier, Snow Bound 1867 Seven week shoemakers' strike and walkout at Lynn, longest in country's history 1868 Louisa May Alcott, Little Women; New England Woman Suffrage Association founded 1869 Last whaling voyage from Nantucket 1869 June 15-19, National Peace Jubilee celebrated peace after the Civil War Coliseum on Copley Square (Plaza hotel site) 50,000 people x 10,000 singers, 500 piece orchestra, 100 anvils played by Boston firemen in red coast, 12 cannon, bass drum 8ft in diameter. Gilmore originator and conductor given a $32,000 present.

“A strange dynasty with customs but no manners” “It would have been better had we never been born in this degenerate and unlovely age” Eliot Norton of Harvard “We are vanishing into provincial obscurity…America has swept from our grasp.

The future is beyond us.” -- Barrett Wendell “There is something of reserve and hauteur about Boston society which is not altogether agreeable to strangers and is criticized and ridiculed by Americans from other parts of the country; but it is only on the surface and is hardly noticed at all by persons who have lived in Europe.

It contrasts strongly with the free and easy manners of the West where the stranger of today becomes an old resident tomorrow but there is a dignity about it which is very attractive.

To borrow a slang Western phrase, a Boston man doesn’t “slop over.” Boston boasts of her culture, and New York delights to sneer at the word, but there is a reality in it.

There is culture in New York, but its influence is limited to a narrow circle.

In Boston it rules the city and gives tone to society, There is non other city which has any right to call itself the Athens of America.

New York is more like Corinth in the days of her greatest prosperity.

Even the Irish are somewhat subdued in the atmosphere of Boston, and make much less trouble than they do in New York. Its east winds are unfavorable to weak lungs, and in winter disagreeable to all; but New York is not much better, and Boston has the advantage of having clean streets.