The Ironman 70.3 Triathlon will take place in Staffordshire on June 14.

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“The triathlon lifestyle fits into the chef’s lifestyle,” he admits. I eat five times a day – small portions.” Bearing this in mind, Ramsay and his coaching team have chosen three very different recipes to share with us.

The first is “green juice” – a favourite with many healthy eaters to start the day.

It is made from lots of green, leafy vegetables, which provide an excellent source of carbohydrate for your body, plus nutrients such as magnesium, which helps you to release that energy.

Fruit and nut bars offer another great source of carbohydrate in the grains and berries, so they are a good pick-me-up or snack when you need a boost.

Ramsay’s trainer, Will Usher, says: “This represents a good balance as they are easily digested while mobile, which is very important when training for and racing in long endurance events.” Finally there’s the chicken Niçoise – an exciting twist on the traditional tuna dish.

This version is packed with protein, which is hugely important for those training hard.

“Protein is essential for helping the body to build stronger muscles and aids in recovery,” says Usher.

“This is particularly important when training for an endurance event like triathlon, as the volume of training is high.” So that’s the food sorted, now let the training commence!

Gordon Ramsay's green juice recipe Gordon Ramsay's chicken Niçoise recipe Gordon Ramsay's fruit and nut bars recipe To join Team Ramsay, a membership fee of £1,500 applies with a commitment to raise £2,500 towards charities supported by the Gordon Ramsay Foundation.

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