So, what seems a shallow desire in men—as women’s gold-digging must seem to them—is quite deeply based in reproductive success.Unfortunately, oso even older men continue pursuit of The Young And The Breasted, even if they don’t want more kids, have a vasectomy, or would be embarrassed if/when mistaken for their date’s dad. Here’s how you can improve the senior dating and remarriage odds in 6 easy steps:1. We’ve all met him/her: The Gorgeous One who appears amazing but as soon as the mouth opens, reveals an appalling poverty of soul.Turns out, men and women everywhere seek certain Core Characteristics in a partner: lovingness, kindness, intelligence approximately equal to theirs, and fidelity.

So there has to be substance to back up your style.

One element of that style should be sexual restraint until a real emotional attachment has formed on his side—unless all you’re seeking is a fling.

Waiting to have sex activates the she’s-high-status/not-a-cheater male mating psych, and gets his dopamine rising, helping him fall in love with you if he’s so inclined.

Wives usually outlive their husbands, and no one seems to want a woman (read: old) who cannot fulfill her “duty” of looking hot and having children. This just depresses me more the more I age, even though I’m happily married.

So my question is: How much hope exists for the post-menopausal woman to find another marriage partner after being widowed?

Elizabeth Sure, some women may be in permanent mourning, but not most; instead, men’s universal preference for youth and beauty locks many middle-aged and older women out of the marriage market.

To wit, younger widows are the likeliest to find romantic partners, but economic success is important for a man’s ability to remarry—which goes along with male and female mating preferences the world over.

And much as we’d like to believe otherwise, beauty is an objective, mathematically identifiable fact.

Men worldwide value a woman with smooth and clear skin, good teeth, symmetrical features—and a waist about 30% smaller than her hips.