– either because you are more mature yourself and back on the dating scene, or because you are someone younger who wants a mature partner rather than someone closer to your own age, then older women dating sites are a great option.

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Dating is easier when you are having fun talking to people, and you know that the people you are talking to are serious about making connections, rather than wasting your time. Most of the time, they are looking to really get to know someone and have a relationship.

They are past the casual hookup stage, and they want someone who is interested in sharing real life experiences with them.

This means that you will need to put some effort into your profile.

It’s amazing the things that will put people off in the short term.

Poor spelling, punctuation and grammar are bad for your chances with women that are on such sites, and if you send out blanket responses to lots of women instead of taking the time to read each person’s profile, you will find that you get very few responses to your messages.

Making connections with people is the same no matter how you do it – online, or in a club.

It is about listening to people and talking to them, and trying to find someone that you get on with.

Don’t just hope to meet “someone, anyone” – because that wastes their time and yours.

Rather, talk to people and learn about them and who they are.