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Just look at the land around you–isn’t it full of fantastic things?

Lush, rolling hills make people from dryer climates jealous.

There aren’t many places that are prettier than the area around Louisville.

The city is surrounded by this hill country, creating a valley that is either the southernmost Northern city or the northernmost Southern city.

People can’t seem to decide if there is more Southern or Midwestern culture here, but it doesn’t matter.

Whatever the ratio truly is, it creates the type of person who’s fun to be around.

When you live in Louisville, you get to experience a blending of cultures that mixes the classic hospitality of the South with the laid-back approach of the Midwest.

They call soft drinks “coke”, along with the rest of the South, and like many Midwesterners, don’t care how fancy of a school you went to as long as you’re a nice person.

If you love humidity, Kentucky is the place to live.

Not quite a tropical rainforest, but the climate certainly has its share of wet weather.

Temperatures don’t reach excruciating highs, but the humidity and being in the city can make it seem warmer.