No, you must subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET in order to stream NFL SUNDAY TICKET games.

If you can’t get DIRECTV at your current residence, you may be eligible to purchase one of our streaming-only NFL SUNDAY TICKET packages. We appreciate you taking the time to help us improve our support site.

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The customer who spent 96 minutes and 3,800 words trying to cancel his Sky TV contract…

and STILL failed – Gavin Hackwood, 36, from Newport, South Wales, spent 96 minutes trying to cancel his Sky contract – Read transcript @uk What sane person would carry on with this pointless conversation when there are perfectly easy methods available to cancel which take two minutes and at times requires to directly contact customer support of Sky.75% off Sky Tv for existing customers.

Only works when you call the specific number 3 weeks after putting your request to cancel!

You can call sky (calls are free for Sky Talk customers) or start a Live Chat online (Available 8.30am to 8pm, 7 days a week for UK customers).You can also write to Sky or send an email telling us that you’d like to cancel sky contract.A telephonic talk or Live Chat is required so that Sky can collect all your correct information and proceed with your sky cancellation request.Their customer care person will also explain any impending issues such as discounts loss or any early termination charges which would be incurred in case if you are canceling before your minimum term contract is over. Sky customer care is available 7 days per week from morning 8.30am to evening 8pm for the UK customers.If you wish to cancel your Sky Subscription,first of all in any of the following ways: Call Sky customer support number. Users can even write to Sky or inform them via email about their wish to cancel sky subscription.Sky will then call you to confirm your details and proceed with your request.