A place where you should be free to wander at will, enjoying lazy days soaking up a truly exotic experience.

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So, be aware of these favourite scams, and Cambodia will be that delightful destination you want it to be. Numismatics is actually the term for coin collecting, and this is one of the most popular, and thankfully least harmful, scams in Cambodia.

You might find yourself approached by a local, who will likely be dressed quite smartly, as you enjoy a drink in a local bar.

The ruse here is for him to convince you that he's a well-educated coin collector who is missing certain denominations from (surprise, surprise) whichever foreign currency you happen to have.

After a little bit of persuasion, your new numismatist best friend will ask you for some of the denominations he needs to complete his collection in exchange for local currency.

The deal is that you'll get a straight swap without having to pay exchange fees as you would in a bank, so you'll be convinced that you're gaining out of helping someone with their hobby. Unless you're a regular traveller to Cambodia, and familiar with the Riel, you'll easily be duped into thinking you've got the same money back in return.

Meanwhile, your local coin enthusiast will be rushing off to get his newly acquired Dollars or Pounds converted into something a bit more useful.With such a profoundly corrupt government as Cambodia's, the local bobby might not be the friendly face in uniform that he would be back home.The officer who approaches you in a Cambodian street might not be a legitimate cop at all.If you find yourself approached by a cop or two on the street, you may be asked to hand over your passport.If you haven't reported a crime to anyone, then the chances are they're not real officers and the likely result of handing over your passport will be a hefty fine to get it back.The best advice is to always carry a photocopy of your passport as well and tell anyone asking that your passport is either at the hotel, or with the consulate.