“Believe it or not I’m having sex at least once everyday, I consider myself addicted to that and it helps me to stay fit.When I workout and I’m fit, I feel sexy and proud about my body so I wanna share it with somebody who is really attracted to it.I like my body and how it looks so I feel very comfortable to be naked in front of another person who likes to explore it and give me pleasure.

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My fitness is a major part of my life and something I pride myself in up keeping!

The way that I keep fit is no mystery, it’s a combination of training programs (Bulking in the winter and cutting down in the summer) and good nutrition! ) and work out 2 muscles per day 4 times per week with one day off in between each workout.

In a few weeks I will begin my 6 month Cutting phase. It has improved my self esteem, my libido, my sex drive and cardio as well!

Dominic Orten Twitter: @Dominic Orten How do you Stay Fit?

“I do a lot of dieting with lean meats, vegetables, probiotics, and antioxidants.

I am very active with pole dancing, sword sparing, weight training, all that fun stuff : P.” Have Workouts and Fitness improved your sex life?

“My workouts have improved my stamina quite a bit, I love sexersize, anyone want to volunteer to spot me?

;)” Dariusz23 Twitter: @Cam4Dariusz23 How do you stay fit? I’m doing a workout split and a protein based diet. And I sleep a lot for regeneration ;)” Have workouts and fitness improved your sex life?

“I guess its always good to do cardio and workout to improve sex life.